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I have enjoyed my Pilates experience with Teresa Kruger more than any other physical development program. I am in my fourth year with Teresa and notice how we have both grown and improved in our understanding of the principles laid down by Joseph Pilates who had, in my opinion, a genius’s insight into the human […]


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“I am a ballet dancer and I move my body all over the place all day long. My weekly Pilates class with Teresa is the only way I have found to regroup my body and go back to work with a stronger center of my body. Teresa is a wonderful teacher, she has a lot […]


Pilates is the Great Body Organizer

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“For me, that I’m doing 3 times a week for the last 16 years, Pilates is the GREAT “body organizer”- it puts your stomach down, your spine straight, your legs long, your behind up. When I’m traveling and don’t do it for a while, I feel like my body is not whole, that everything is […]

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Understanding the True Meaning of Pilates

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“As a professional ballet dancer, I have been practicing Pilates to help me with my career for almost ten years. Over two years ago, I joined the Romana’s Pilates certification method and am currently an apprentice with the program. I have studied and observed Pilates from some of the master teachers around the country. After […]

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The Best Exercise I Have Found

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“I have practiced Pilates for over 3 years with Teresa. To date, it is the best exercise I have found for me. I was amazed at how quickly my body started to change. Pilates has helped me to complete successfully, 60 miles of walking for breast cancer twice…without injury or issue. Teresa is a very […]

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