Pilates Instructor


Teresa Kruger

Owner and Certified Pilates Instructor

Hello and welcome to Pilates Principles. My intention for Pilates Principles is to extend the work achieved in the studio into daily life. My wish is to help clients achieve a more vibrant, harmoniously-functioning body.

I was certified as a Pilates instructor in 2001. I completed hundreds of hours of apprenticeship in a rigorous program led by Romana Kryzanowska, a master teacher who was personally trained by Joseph Pilates.

While growing up, I enjoyed dance and gymnastics. My passion was gymnastics in which I participated and competed in for many years. My keen interest in body movement ultimately led me to Pilates.

Although I studied education and sociology during my college years, I began to realize that improving people’s lives through physical health was a calling I had to explore. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities in 1994 from St. Norbert College, I moved to Florida where I began working in a local hospital as a rehabilitation aide to pursue a career as a physical therapist. During that time, I discovered the body conditioning method of Pilates. I was attracted to how the study of gymnastics is reflected in the Pilates method. I found Pilates to be a fun and refreshing alternative to my usual running and weight lifting program of exercise.

The introduction of Pilates into my life shifted not only my career goals, but my mind-body connection and physical well-being. Before Pilates, I suffered from lower back pain, and neck and knee injuries. My first-hand experience with the Pilates method’s ability to transform and heal the body confirmed my decision to become a Pilates teacher. I believe the opportunity to pass on Joseph Pilates work, as taught by Master teacher Romana Kryzanowska, is a privilege.